The Homoeopathic Camp

Hello and Welcome to our website,

We are currently taking a break in 2016 but we will be back with you in 2017.

For the last 8 years we have had the greatest pleasure in presenting the following speakers:-

Miranda Castro, Robert Davidson, Misha Norland, Janet Snowdon, Geoff Johnson, Angela Zajac, Oliver Dowding, Yubraj Sharma, Dr Nikunj Trivedi, Mary English, David Mundy, Marcus Christo, Jerome Whitney, Karren Whitney, Carol Boyce, Andrew Ward, Philippa Fibert, Peter Chappel, Ella Chappel, John Morgan, Michael Thompson, Peter Fraser, Hilery Dorrian, Dawn Keyse, Bill Rumble, Mike Bridger, Peter Adams, Janita Venema, Delny Britton, Lionel Milgrom, Whitehawk, Myriam Shivadikar.

And the following Musicians:- Paul Cheetham aka Dr Space Toad, Dr Trippy, Theo Tomlinson, Rix Pyke, Zara Sophia and James Broughton, Prabhleen Khasar and Marcus Christo.

We look forward to seeing you all again in 2017, to receive updates and news Click Here to sign up.

Warm wishes from Charlotte, Marcus and the rest of the Homoeopathic Camp Team

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